23 Apr 2014

Antivibration systems and technology research: Ormant invest in new ideas

The Ormant Group is looking for researchers and agents who have been searching in antivibration systems, in order to invest in new ideas and innovative projects.

The Ormant Group has been producing and selling first quality antivibration systems for 50 years. Since 1967 the company Ormant has become an important reference point in the world of dampers and rubber antivibration mounts thanks to a costant work in research and products' innovation.

Aware of the importance of technical research, the company is looking for new coordinated actions with engineers and researchers involved in the mechanical sector. The company's doors are then open to students and professional people who are engaged in antivibration systems's research.

Researchers, engineers, university students and teachers, getting already involved in projects and studies on antivibration systems are the most ideal candidate of the Ormant Group which will be visiting in the next days the most important universities in order to search for new "talents" to invest. To invest in a new idea or in a new layout means to introduce innovation and new ideas, fundamental keys to keep up high quality of products.

This synergy between the company and searchers brings advantages for both: on the one hand the company widens its own Department "Research&Development", on the other, students and professors have the chance to bring to life new industrial prototypes in the field of antivibration mountings.

Clenching this kind of synergy with the company represents actually the possibility to transform ideas into real products and technological research that would otherwise remain at mere theoretical stage. These potential "talents" who are just involved in these kind of studies on antivibration systems are then invited to get in touch with Ormant to ask for an interview.