23 Apr 2014

Due to its rapindly expanding market, Ormant is looking for new agents

Due to the success of its antivibration systems, the Ormant's market is growing up even more: this is the main reason why Ormant will provide for a selection of commercial agents.

The Ormant Group has been producing and selling high-quality antivibration mountings since 1967. Ormant's strength and success results from shock absorbers' trading and now it is looking for new commercial agents. Reasearching new agents would respond on the one hand to the needs of a booming market and on the other hand it reflects the company's policy to meet its customer needs whose timely request for long-lasting and high-quality antivibration mountings is just increasing.

The new agents, cooperating with the Ormant Team, will be specializing in one of the sector of the company:

-Automotive (dampers for cars, motorcycles and industrial vehicles)

-Building Industry (anti-seismic dampers and construction equipments)

-Agriculture (antivibration mountings for the agricultural market and agricultural machines)

-Shipbuilding Industry (antishock absorbers and rubber spare parts for the shipbuiding Industry).

In the same way, thes new agents can be recruited to widen the Avibro commercial net, the new Ormant's brand specialized in selling inexpensive antivibration mountings.

The Ormant Company which currently has 2 logistic heads both in North and South of Italy, is currently looking for new agents throughout Italy.

If You are interested in this new job opportunity, You can send Your Curriculum Vitae at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.