23 Apr 2014

Avibro's antivibration mountings were so successful during the Hannover Exhibition

The international visitors at the Hannover Exhibition were warmly invited by the very good value for money of Avibro's antivibation mountings.

A new edition of the Hannover Fair took place on 07th to 11th April 2014 where Avibro introduced its antivibration mountings under the formula "low cost but not low quality", which successfully attracted interest of the international visitors.

The "Hannovermesse" is one of the greatest kermesse of the industrial technology in the world. Like exhibitors of this worldwide tradeshow Avibro, the new Ormant's brand, specialized in selling inexpensive antivibration mountings, met a lot of visitors from all over the world. The winning formula "low cost but not low quality" attracted the attention of potential consumers of different sectors: automotive, building industry, agriculture and shipbuilding industry. Avibro's range of products is so wide.

It deals with spare parts for cars, motovehicles and construcion equipments, anti-seismic absorbers, rubber spare parts for olive shakers and agricultural machines up to dampers for the shipbuilding industry. Several products then under one business formula: the best value for money. The business relationship born during this exhibition strenghthens the international vision of a brand chosen from even more customers and at the same time lightens the efforts of agents and researchers, daily working hard in promoting products whose price copes with a very competitive market.

To pass the Hannover "test", whose market is well-known for its rugged assessment criteria and choosy expectations in the mechanical field, means to Avibro winning an important bet and reaching a prominent goal.