25 Mar 2014

Antivibration mountings labelling Ormant for the Building Industry

Ormant's crowning achievement is the well-known range of dampers for building

and construction equipments. The Department "Research and Development" of the Company Ormant always keeps on working to produce high-quality antivibration moumtings and to further develop new ones for the Building Industry.

Since 1967 Ormant has been producing a wide range of shock-absorbers and anti-seismic systems for building industry. These kind of products for building Industry and construction equipments are high-level conceived and they are considered a crowning achievement of Ormant both for their quality and longer life.

Significantly, Ormant is first supplier of antivibration mountings for the most distinguished manufacturing company which prefer side/top dampers for breakers and industrial equipments marking Ormant. Hammers, cranes and drilling machines are some of the different types of tools suitable for earthmoving and quarrying machines. These kind of shock-absorbers labelling Ormant comes from many years of study and research on excellent compound and strong fastening parts which can grant top quality and precision.

Ormant sells these kind of antivibration mountings like a standard product as well as according to specific requests of those customers who carefully look for details and finishes.